Thibault Besson

Thibault BessonPhD student, Jean Monnet University Saint-Etienne (France)

03/2018 - 08/2021 - Saint-Etienne, France

Biomechanical and physiological differences between males and females in endurance running (Co-Supervisor - Principal Supervisor: Dr Jérémy Rossi)


Thibault Besson is a PhD student at Jean Monnet University in Saint-Etienne since 2018. He is supervised by Prof Guillaume Millet, Dr Jeremy Rossi and Dr Cédric Morio. He belongs to the Inter-university Laboratory of Human Movement Biology (LIBM, EA 7424) and is a member of the ActiFS (Activité physique, Fatigue, Santé) Chair. He obtained a Bachelor degree in Sports Sciences (sports training) in 2015. During the first year of his Masters degree, Thibault spent 7 months at the University of Calgary where he joined the Human Performance Laboratory. He became a member of Guillaume Millet's research group (Neuromuscular Fatigue laboratory). Under the supervision of Prof Millet, Dr Lapole and Dr Souron (PhD student at this period), he conducted a project on the effect of local vibration on neuromuscular function. During his 2nd year of his Masters degree, he worked at the LIBM of Saint Etienne on the effect of shoe-drop on running biomechanics in women, in partnership with Decathlon®. He obtained his Master degree on Sport Performance Evaluation and Engineering in 2017. Before starting his PhD, he spent 5 months as a research assistante at the LIBM.

Thibault has published 8 scientific articles, two of them as a first author. He cosupervised 3 Master students and taught at the university more than 120 h for both Master and Undergrad students. He participated in 4 national and international congresses (France and Canada).

Thibault Besson research has been conducted in two main areas during his young career: neuromuscular physiology and biomechanics. He investigated the effects of a training period or acute fatiguing exercise (e.g. ultra endurance running race) on neuromuscular function. In biomechanics, he mainly focused on running, particularly how men and women adapt their running pattern to a given shoe or following a fatiguing task.

Thibault Besson likes practicing outdoor sports (running, biking, skiing and climbing) and he has practised swimming for 15 years at a regional level.